LAMP Development

Dynamic websites and apps that have to cater consistently high volume simultaneous requests need robust solutions to ensure seamless as well as secure functioning. LAMP is ideal for developing such solutions.

LAMP solution stack is one of the best open source solutions for the database driven applications. It comprises all the powerful open source components: Linux, Apache, MySQL /PgSQL and PHP/Perl/Python.

Advantages of LAMP

  • Advantages of LAMP
  • Reduce cost of development
  • Secure and stable solutions
  • Highly customizable solutions
  • High scalability and performance

Why Us?

Plenty of developers provide LAMP-based solutions but Database driven LAMP based solutions that we offer require a much higher level of expertise. Our core strength is development using PHP but we have capabilities to develop solutions across the spectrum for existing platforms as well as for developing solutions from scratch. Our focus is on delivering quality and performance that meets all requirements with the best resources.

Services We Offer

  • Advanced web application development
  • New features and social integration
  • Content management
  • Web promotion and advertisements
  • Server maintenance
  • Scalability and performance optimization
  • Indexed searching