Graphics & Sound

To design a successful game the user experience – consisting of Casino Game Graphics, Sound Effects as well as Animation – has to be entertaining. The three elements have to come together in a seamless manner, keeping in mind the game media, to keep the user engaged.

At Proga India, our team of Game Designers, Graphic Artists, Animators and Sound Engineers work closely with you to understand the your vision of the game. They also scrutinize the gaming elements that are popular in the target market to make sure the audience has a more stimulating experience. These are complemented by Original Music Composition and other custom sound effects like Reel Spin Tunes, Bonus Game Loops, Win Reinforcement Tunes or Stingers, Voice-Overs, Jackpot Loops, etc. as well as custom SFX and VFX.      

We offer complete integration of Game Design,Casino Game Graphics & Sound, Music and Effects to create compelling game interfaces.