Casino Math

Any casino game needs entertaining graphics to keep audiences engaged and it needs a solid framework of mathematics to make sure the gaming experience is smooth and consistent. At Probability Gaming, India our team of mathematicians is constantly trying to innovate and develop fresh Bonus Features and Free Game Features.We believe in bringing innovation to our slot math development for the industry.

Our team studies the market you want to focus on to understand the laws that regulate the market as well as to understand the latest trends in the market. We already have an extensive library of Bonus and Free Games that you can choose from. This ensures that the games we make for you are popular and capture significant market share. We have the capability to develop patent features for your games as well.

We model our games in accordance with GLI guidelines. Our development and modelling process has very rigorous standards so that you get a product which is robust and effective. We run hundreds of millions of simulations of the game to check against redundancies and errors as well as to supply you with exhaustive statistics of the game.